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Location of the Month, November 2016, Wheeler Ferris Wheel

Featured Location for November 2016: The Wheeler Ferris Wheel

The growth of Oklahoma City continues with on-going developments including the city’s newest attraction, The Wheeler Ferris Wheel. Though new to Oklahoma City, The Wheeler Ferris Wheel dates back to the early 1900s where it previously was found in California and known by name as the iconic Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel. A staple of the Santa Monica Pier, the attraction was seen in numerous Hollywood films including “Iron Man” and “Forrest Gump”. The amusement ride found its way to Oklahoma when local urban developer Grant Humphreys purchased the item off the website eBay. After refurbishing the wheel with nearly 6,000 incandescent bulbs and over 100,000 programmable LED lights, the attraction found its new home along the Oklahoma River and marks the first step in the growth of the Wheeler Riverfront Plaza in Oklahoma City.

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