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Featured Location Sept 2023

Featured Location for September 2023: Camp Y’Shua

Nestled on the northwest side of the Wichita Mountains, Camp Y’Shua is an annual summer youth ministry camp located near the film friendly City of Lawton in Southwest Oklahoma. This sprawling sanctuary features 160 acres of some of the region’s most breathtaking scenery, including mountains, valleys, ridges, creeks, trails and more with ample infrastructure on site among the camp’s traditional hosting facilities and accommodations. Permissions to utilize the property are subject to review based on the requesting production’s projected impact to the location, including alignment with previously scheduled events, environmental considerations and the mission of the camp itself. Camp Y’shua previously welcomed filming on the forthcoming feature film release from Kyle Roberts “What Rhymes with Reason” as well as a recent proof of concept short film for Kyle Kauwika Harris called “Charlie Mike”.

Many thanks to the owners of this property for sharing these images with us and for their support.

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