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Location November 2022

Location of the Month for November 2022: Center of the Universe

Center of the Universe is one of downtown Tulsa’s most notable landmarks that annually draws thousands of visitors intrigued by the acoustic anomaly the site is known for. Accessible by a pedestrian bridge located near the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame on W. Archer and N. Boston, the attraction itself is a modest concrete circle surrounded by a larger circle of bricks that creates a private echo chamber of sorts for individuals who stand within the concrete circle and produce sound that is amplified back to them much louder than initially produced. In addition to the mysterious phenomenon featured on site, Center of the Universe also boasts the stunning “Artificial Cloud” statue, made by Native American artist Robert Haozous in 1991, and offers scenic views of Tulsa’s downtown skyline. Audiences can see it on-screen in the premiere episode of the Paramount+ series “Tulsa King” starring Sylvester Stallone, which will air November 13.

Many thanks to Visit Tulsa and Tyler Layne Photography for sharing these images with us and for their film friendly support.

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