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Featured Location Sept 2022

Location of the Month for September 2022: Bear Claw Bakery and Café

Per their Facebook page, Bear Claw Bakery and Cafe will be permanently closed as of Friday, September 23. Please click the link below for more film friendly locations in the City of Pawnee.

Located in the film friendly certified community of Pawnee, Bear Claw Bakery and Café is brimming with small town charm and hospitality. The cozy café resides in a beautiful historic building near the heart of Pawnee’s town square where patrons can partake in delicious breakfasts and lunches featuring quiche, sandwiches, pastries, coffee and more. In addition to a small selection of take-home goodies and gifts, the owners also operate Tecknicolour Stained Glass & Art, LLC, in the same building, where visitors can access a stunning showroom from the café. With operating hours 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday (closed on Sunday and Monday), the café can offer a more flexible schedule when it comes to the filming of approved productions.

Many thanks to the owners of Bear Claw Bakery and Café for sharing this location with us.

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