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“A Deadly Romance” Begins Filming in Oklahoma

Dawn’s Light, LLC, in association with the Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO), is pleased to announce production of the upcoming feature film “A Deadly Romance” is underway in Oklahoma.

“A Deadly Romance” tells the story of Lena Mitchell, a single mother, who along with her daughter moves to a new town seeking a fresh start. However, when a series of crimes shake the community, Lena realizes the people closest to her may be hiding some very dark secrets. The film’s story was created by Producer Richard Switzer, and adapted by screenwriters Colin Edward Lawrence and Erin Murphy West.

Lawrence, who also serves as the film’s Director and Co-producer, had many positive things to say about his impressions of the Oklahoma film industry thus far. “There’s something special about this place. Not just the picturesque locations, perfectly preserved historical architecture and beautiful pastel sunsets; it’s the people,” said Lawrence. “Everyone’s been so helpful and accommodating. We’re incredibly thankful for the opportunity to film here, work with local craftsmen and women, and to be welcomed into this community with open arms.”

“A Deadly Romance” also serves as a homecoming for Oklahoman native Randy Wayne who recently returned home after building a successful career in Los Angeles, and is serving as the film’s Line Producer. “After 18 years of acting and producing television and film in Los Angeles, I’m happy to be back home with my family, friends and the state that I’m so proud of. We have a real film community here that is passionate, creative and working towards the future of film and television,” said Wayne. “This incentive has changed the game and bringing many of us filmmakers back home to continue our love of the entertainment business in this great state of Oklahoma.”

The production is utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program administered by OF+MO and began principal photography on July 23, 2018, in Guthrie where the majority of the two-week production will take place. After principal photography is completed on a “Deadly Romance”, the film’s producers will immediately roll into photography on a second feature film utilizing the state’s rebate program, “Stuck Out of Love”. Additional details will soon be released about this film. The production has announced a crew call that has been posted on the OF+MO website.

“The Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program affords productions like ‘A Deadly Romance’ the opportunity to film on-location while creating statewide positive economic impact, cultural growth and job opportunities”, said OF+MO Director Tava Maloy Sofsky. “With an increased number of returning Oklahomans, the program’s expatriate provision allows the state’s growing film industry to sustain its momentum by supplementing the demand for additional skilled local labor – all of whom benefit from the cross-over educational, training and job opportunities the provision provides.”

For more information about the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program, and the crew call for “Stuck Out of Love”, visit


About the Oklahoma Film + Music Office:
Created in 1979, The Oklahoma Film + Music Office strives to share all that Oklahoma has to offer by welcoming filmmakers and music professionals to the state and by creating a network of support to develop Oklahoma’s film and music industries. For more information about the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program or the Oklahoma Film + Music Office please visit

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