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“Camp Cold Brook” Completes Production in Oklahoma

Petri Entertainment and Weathervane Productions, in association with the Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO), are proud to announce the completion of principal photography on the feature film “Camp Cold Brook”. The film is utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program administered by OF+MO, and the production wrapped on August 14, 2017, in Oklahoma City after previously filming on-location in the communities of Jones, Guthrie and Edmond.

“Camp Cold Brook” stars Chad Michel Murray (“One Tree Hill”, “Agent Carter”), Danielle Harris (“Halloween”, “Stake Land”) and Courtney Gains (“Children of the Corn”, “The Funhouse Massacre”), and was produced with an entirely Oklahoma-based crew.

The film tells the story of reality television producer and host Jack Wilson (Murray), who finds himself in a tough spot with both his finances crumbled and his show, “Haunt Squad”, nearing cancellation. In a last ditch effort to spark ratings to land a final season, Jack and his producers Angela (Harris) and Emma as well as their trusted cameraman Kevin choose the legend of Camp Cold Brook to save their show. The camp was host to a horrific incident, where its young campers drowned in a nearby creek 20 years ago. Their arrival begins like any other episode. Cameras are placed, lights spark to life, but this is not going to be a regular episode of chasing errant noises and measuring for electronic voice phenomena. The terror at Camp Cold Brook was real and may soon have deadly consequences for Jack and his team.

“We’re thrilled Oklahoma is setting the scene for Petri Entertainment’s ‘Camp Cold Brook’,” said OF+MO Director Tava Maloy Sofsky. “The state’s competitive film rebate program paired with our generous locations, hard-working crew and industry infrastructure have allowed the production to maximize their production value in Oklahoma while utilizing as many local resources as possible. We’re incredibly grateful for the impact this film has had in Oklahoma and thankful to our supportive community organizations and members who have welcomed this production to their areas.”


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