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City of Lawton Achieves Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Certification

The Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO), in conjunction with the City of Lawton and Lawton Arts & Humanities, is proud to announce the community of Lawton has achieved ‘film friendly’ certification after completing the requirements of OF+MO’s Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Program.

“From its historical buildings to its diverse landscapes, peoples and cultures, Lawton should be an enticing consideration for any filmmaker,” said City of Lawton Arts & Humanities Administrator Jason Poudrier. “It’s an exciting time to newly be appointed to this position, and I am extremely thankful to our past arts coordinators and present council members for their efforts in helping us achieve film friendly status through the Oklahoma Film + Music Office’s program.”

“As a certified film friendly community, we will strive to quickly respond to the needs of filmmakers and production companies as they identify areas of interest in our community for their films,” said Lawton Arts and Humanities Council Vice Chair Allison Offield.

The City of Lawton has a longstanding history of supporting film and television production in their community through Lawton Arts & Humanities, a division of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, which serves as the point of contact for filming in the community. Prior to the implementation of the Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Program, Lawton was one of the first cities in the state to develop a city-specific permit for filming in their city, and their community recently hosted the feature film productions of “Afterwalker” (2019) and “What Josiah Saw” (2020).

“We commend the City of Lawton and Lawton Arts & Humanities on their ‘film friendly’ certification and appreciate their dedication to the common goal of increasing local opportunities for their city through the impact of the state’s film and television industry,” said OF+MO Director Tava Maloy Sofsky.

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