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City of Miami

City of Miami Achieves Oklahoma Film Friendly Certification

The Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO), in conjunction with the City of Miami and Visit Miami, is proud to announce the city has achieved film friendly certification after completing the requirements for OF+MO’s Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Program.

“The Visit Miami OK (CVB) team is thrilled to be named an Oklahoma Film Friendly Community. We see production companies often that are out and about exploring our state, and we are excited to begin recruiting them into the City of Miami,” said Executive Director of Visit Miami Amanda Davis. “Film and music are two industries that are growing. Miami is proud of the history we have in music and look forward to building our community as a new film friendly location.”

Founded in 1891, Miami is a thriving community with a proud past. Known as “The Gateway of Route 66,” the community boasts the longest Main Street on all of the Mother Road as well as the last section of the original nine-foot wide “Ribbon Road,” which runs for 13 miles from Miami to Afton. Miami is also home to nine Native American Tribal headquarters who have done much to boast tourism in the area. As annual hosts of the Sunny Side Up Film Festival and the Oklahoma Route 66 Heritage Fest, this film and music friendly community is camera ready and boasts key attractions, including the Coleman Theatre and Dobson Museum.

“We’re thrilled the City of Miami has joined our growing roster of film friendly cities and towns throughout the state, becoming the first community in Ottawa County to achieve this designation,” said OF+MO Director Jeanette Stanton. “We look forward to working with Miami and furthering opportunities for film outreach in this region.”

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About the Oklahoma Film + Music Office:
Under the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, the Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO) works to promote the state as a viable hub for film, television and music production as well as further develop opportunities for workforce, business and community growth within these sectors. For more information on the Oklahoma Film + Music Office, including the state’s film incentives and additional resources, visit

About the Oklahoma Department of Commerce:
The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is the primary economic development entity in the state. The organization is responsible for supporting local communities, stimulating growth of the existing businesses, attracting new business, and promoting the development and availability of a skilled workforce. Commerce also works to foster an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure in Oklahoma to encourage the start-up of new businesses and partner with communities to ensure existing businesses grow and prosper.

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