Local Film Studio Celebrates Release of DreamWorks Trolls Stop Motion Series

Reckless Abandonment Pictures and the Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO) are pleased to celebrate the release of the stop motion animated series DreamWorks “Trolls”.

Utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program administered by OF+MO, the five-episode series was shot over a seven-month period and features over 60,000 individual photos, which were used to create each episode. The series mixes live action and stop motion animation, both produced in Oklahoma City.

“Working with DreamWorks on this series was well, a dream,” said Kyle Roberts, Creative Director of Reckless Abandonment Pictures. “It was so much fun bringing Poppy and her friends to our world in this animated series.”

Episodes of DreamWorks “Trolls” are available on DreamWorks YouTube channel and Reckless Abandonment’s website with new episodes releasing each Saturday in December. The episode premiering on December 29 features the first ever commercially made 360 degree stop motion production.

“Reckless Abandonment was able to secure this job over other major animation studios around the country because we were able to show them a spec test of pulling off the stop motion animation in a 360 degree world,” said Roberts. “Our team’s innovation paired with the Oklahoma’s film incentive are the two primary reasons we were able to build the fantastical world of ‘Trolls’ right here in our own backyard.”

To watch episodes of the DreamWorks “Trolls” series, visit ra-pictures.com.

For more information about the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program, visit the Incentives Page.


About Oklahoma Film + Music Office:
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