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Mark Boone Jr., Niko Nicotera and Marilyn Manson Join Cast of “Let Me Make You a Martyr”

Corey Asraf and John Swab, of Iscariot Films, in association with Actium Pictures, the Oklahoma Film + Music Office, and VisitTulsa’s Film, Music, Arts & Culture, LCC are thrilled to announce that the independent feature film “Let Me Make You A Martyr” has officially started production in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. The film will utilize the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program administered by the Oklahoma Film + Music Office.

“I first began writing the script in Tulsa when I was 16. After meeting Corey in 2008, we further developed the project, and it always just seemed like bringing it home was the right thing to do,” said Swab. “The reason we chose Tulsa is because it gives us a lot of soft budget opportunities. We received a lot of help from the community and the Oklahoma Film + Music Office that we probably wouldn’t have been able to get in LA or New York. Our production is also one of the first to collaborate with the newly-formed VisitTulsa’s Film, Music, Arts & Culture who have been very supportive in getting this project off the ground and connecting us with helpful resources including crew, locations, and film-friendly businesses that have helped us with catering and craft services.”

“Let Me Make You A Martyr” tells the story of Drew and June Glass, two adopted siblings, who fall in love under tragic circumstances. They devise a plan to end the cycle of abuse they grew up in by seeking vengeance on those who robbed them of their innocence. Before they are able to carry out their revenge, they assume responsibility of a little girl, Rooney. June and Drew are left with a difficult choice ­exact their revenge, or save Rooney from the same fate they were made to endure.

“John and I have been preparing for this production for close to a decade and we are ready to do whatever it takes to create the film we are setting out to make. With the cast and crew we have behind us the task ahead of us is simple – capture the moment,” said Asraf.

The film stars Niko Nicotera (“Sons of Anarchy”, “The Purge: Anarchy”) as Drew, Sam Quartin (“Amy in a Cage”, “By the Rivers of Babylon”) as June, Mark Boone Jr. (“Sons of Anarchy”, “Memento”, “Batman Begins”) as the criminal Larry Glass and Marilyn Manson as the calculating hitman Pope. The cast also includes Michael Potts (“The Wire”, “True Detective”), William Lee Scott (“Pearl Harbor”, “The Butterfly Effect”), George “Slaine” Carroll (“Killing Them Softly”, “The Town”), Rebekah Kennedy (“Seasons of the Witch”, “House Hunting”), Jake Silbermann, Edrick Browne, Gore Abrams, Gracie Grenier, and Michael Jefferson. The film marks the feature-length directorial debut of Corey Asraf and John Swab, whose credits include the short film Juda’s Chariot, a prequel to “Let Me Make You A Martyr”, which will be screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival next month.

“To see this production come together, and have John and Corey return to Tulsa to film their feature is a win for all involved. Their team has worked hard to bring this film to life, and to select Tulsa as the backdrop for the film, work with our crew, film programs, and local businesses makes an impact on our community. Their experience filming in Tulsa furthers our message that Tulsa is an independent filmmaking hub,” said Abby Kurin, Director of Film, Music, Arts & Culture for VisitTulsa.

“We are excited to welcome the production of ‘Let Me Make You A Martyr’ to Oklahoma. The incentives afforded by the state’s Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program create opportunities for both out of state productions and the talented film industry members who have roots in our state allowing them to bring production back to Oklahoma and support the growth of our local industry,” said OF+MO Director Tava Maloy Sofsky.

“Let Me Make You A Martyr” is an Iscariot Films production in association with Actium Pictures. Alan Staab, Mark Boone Junior lead as the executive producers and Michael Jefferson, Corey Asraf, and John Swab serve as producers.


About the Oklahoma Film + Music Office:
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