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Oklahoma Film & Music Office Announces “Monday at 11:01 AM” to Begin Filming in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Film & Music Office Director Tava Maloy Sofsky and Producers Charles Agron and Gary Adelman of Monday at 11:01 AM, INC. are pleased to announce the start of principal photography for the upcoming feature film, “Monday at 11:01 AM” on October 27, in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

A psychological thriller, “Monday at 11:01 AM” follows a man’s dreamlike journey through a harrowing nightmare vacation. Smooth-talking and independently wealthy Michael is looking to relax and overindulge with his beautiful girlfriend in a charming resort town. After Michael’s first night in the hotel proves to be less than restful, he desperately wants out. What begins as an extravagant romantic getaway becomes increasingly disturbing, forcing Michael to question his own sanity and the reality around him.

Charles Agron, writer, producer and lead actor in the film, was determined to craft an organically smart, suspenseful and spine-chilling film. “I’m not interested in cheap scares. I wanted to create organic fear that psychologically challenges and affects the viewer. I’ve always felt that the alteration of reality is one of the scariest things there is. So playing with that idea, I wanted to create a thriller that takes the audience for unexpected turns, but for a reason,” Agron said.

After scouting for the perfect location in August, the LA-based producer chose Guthrie and instantly saw the potential for Guthrie’s transformation into the surreal remote town featured in “Monday at 11:01 AM”. “Guthrie is so picturesque. The community has absolutely opened up their arms to us. And when you have a community that wants you here and the perfect set pieces, it’s a no-brainer,” Agron said. Everyone has been very cooperative and we have very much enjoyed the close relationship with the Oklahoma Film & Music Office. They have been a great resource to our production,” Producer Gary Adelman said.

“’Monday at 11:01 AM’, will be the second feature film to begin production in Oklahoma utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program since its re-opening in August,” said Oklahoma Film & Music Director Tava Maloy Sofsky. “This project was graciously ushered to us by Oklahoma native Casting Director Ricki Maslar.

“Coming back to Oklahoma is a dream. It combines my two passions: filmmaking and my grandchildren,” Maslar said. “It is a wonderful opportunity for me to cast Oklahomans in this production contributing to Oklahoma’s growing film industry.”

Guthrie is no stranger to filmmaking as one of the state’s most film-friendly communities playing host to films such as “Te Ata”, which filmed there earlier this month and the current theatrical/VOD release “Rudderless”. “Throughout the years, Guthrie and the Chamber of Commerce have always embraced film production in Oklahoma, and we are thankful for their community support of these filmmakers and our state’s film industry,” said Sofsky.


About the Oklahoma Film + Music Office:
Created in 1979, The Oklahoma Film + Music Office strives to share all that Oklahoma has to offer by welcoming filmmakers and music professionals to the state and by creating a network of support to develop Oklahoma’s film and music industries. For more information about the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program or the Oklahoma Film + Music Office please visit

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