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“Overexposed” Starts Production in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO), with producer Rob Allyn of Margate House Films, producer-financier Simon Fawcett of UK-based Atlantic Screen Productions (ASP), and executive producer Larry Mortorff of ASP, is pleased to announce the start of production of the feature film “Overexposed” in Oklahoma City and Guthrie, Oklahoma. The film is utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program, administered by OF+MO, and will commence principal photography on February 6, 2017.

Director Conor Allyn is returning to Oklahoma after helming the film “Forsaken”, which accessed the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program in the summer of 2016. “I’m thrilled to return with another exciting film and to be embraced by the exceptional community of filmmakers here. It’s a spectacular place to work, and we are thrilled to be part of OF+MO’s success in building film industry jobs here.”

“Overexposed” is a gritty, topical thriller dealing with important social issues. In small-town Oklahoma, a teenage girl, whose mother is the local sheriff, is caught up in a sexting scandal that leads to panic, outrage and murder. The film teams Writer/Director Conor Allyn’s Margate House Films with ASP for the first of several planned co-productions between the U.S. and British international production companies.

“Between the authentic locations, the crew and overall support, we felt that there was no better place for us to film than Oklahoma,” adds London-based producer Simon Fawcett of Atlantic Screen Productions.

“We are excited to bring ‘Overexposed’ to Oklahoma,” said Hollywood producer Rob Allyn of Margate House Films. “The state is a perfect fit for the American-heartland setting of our film. It’s an important film and the local community has been instrumental in helping to bring our story from page to screen.”

“Overexposed” will be lensed by Oklahoma’s own Director of Photography Sam Calvin and stars Marguerite Moreau (“Wet Hot American Summer”), Mary Katherine Duhon, Dave Maldonado and Taylor Murphy.

The production is being managed by local Oklahoma Production Manager Nathan Gardocki with a crew comprised almost entirely of Oklahoma residents.

“The production of ‘Overexposed’ marks Conor Allyn’s second feature film in Oklahoma in less than a year,” said OF+MO Director Tava Maloy Sofsky. “The longevity of the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program is necessary to attract producers who have a number of potential productions which ultimately provide Oklahoma’s crew and film services on-going job and business opportunities.”


About the Oklahoma Film + Music Office:
Created in 1979, The Oklahoma Film + Music Office strives to share all that Oklahoma has to offer by welcoming filmmakers and music professionals to the state and by creating a network of support to develop Oklahoma’s film and music industries. For more information about the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program or the Oklahoma Film + Music Office please visit

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