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Watch the Trailer for “The Jurassic Games”

“The Jurassic Games”, which filmed in Oklahoma utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program, will celebrate its world premiere at the 2018 deadCenter Film Festival in Oklahoma City this June. A unique mixture of “The Hunger Games” and “Jurassic World”, this sci-fi thriller imagines a world set in the near future wherein ten death row convicts are chosen to compete in The Jurassic Games, the ultimate virtual reality game show that pits its players against dinosaurs and each other. Starring Oklahoma native Ryan Merriman (“Final Destination 3”, “The Ring Two”) and Perry Reeves (“Entourage”, “Old School”) with an entirely Oklahoma-based crew, “The Jurassic Games” marks the third feature film from Oklahoma’s own Director Ryan Bellgardt, and was shot in Oklahoma City, Little Sahara State Park, Robbers Cave State Park and Gloss Mountain State Park.

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