Neil Newby | camera op

Film Artist for April 2020: Neil Newby

Neil Newby began working in the Oklahoma film industry in 2008 at the age of 12 as a young actor. While he still enjoys acting when he has the chance to audition, Newby shifted gears when he was 17 from his on-screen work to behind-the-scenes internships and job opportunities on a number of short and feature films that were being produced in the Oklahoma City area. During that time, Newby gained valuable training and experience in a number of production departments, including locations, sound, grip/electric, and art. Newby is currently honing his talents and focusing his work quite literally in the camera department serving as 1st AC (assistant camera) on recent films such as “The Pale Door”, “Birdie”, “Asking For It”, “Golden Arm”, Wild Indian” and “Agnes”, all of which were produced in Oklahoma using the state’s film incentive program.

“I love working in the Oklahoma film industry because it gives me a chance to do what I could only dream of as a kid,” said Newby.

For more information and a list of credits, please visit Neil Newby’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.