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Music Artist April 2020 J and the Bishops

Music Artists for April 2020: J + The Bishops

In the summer of 2018, Oklahoma City singer/songwriter Jose Hernandez decided to move away from his Americana style band, The Black Magic Waters, and move more towards a soulful, R&B sound with influences such as Prince, Leon Bridges and D’Angelo. Long time friends and musicians Ryan Magnani (bass), Alberto Roubert (drums), Alex Coleman (guitar) and Kendrik McKinney (keys) joined Hernandez to begin crafting this new sound and direction. With Hernandez’s powerful vocals and crafty songwriting, he and the band hit the studio and have begun recording what is shaping up to be a unique and vibrant sound that is sure to be something special. With the release of their first singles “Pretty Baby” and “Tell Me You Want Me” on Spotify,  J + The Bishops were born.

“We all feel very fortunate to be a part of such an inclusive music scene here in Oklahoma,” said Magnani. “The sense of community that is shared makes a huge difference in keeping our passion for making music something that feels accessible. We are constantly inspired by our friends and peers are really excited about the future.”

The newest single “Lose Control” is their slickest and most dance worthy tune to date and is set to be released on April 1 2020.

For more information and to listen to their music, visit J + The Bishops’ listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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