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Sharon Tabb | make-up + hair

Film Artist for August 2020: Sharon Tabb

Born in El Reno, Oklahoma, Sharon Tabb began her career in make-up artistry in Southern California at the age of 19 in the early 1990s. Tabb had always had a love for drawing and painting. Upon realizing her talent for make-up and hair, her passion was to work in the film industry.

After working on various productions in Los Angeles for many years, Tabb decided to return to Oklahoma in 2011, finish raising her kids and create a better family life.

Upon her first week back in Oklahoma, she booked Department Head Make-up and Hair for the feature film “Just Crazy Enough”, a family feature film directed by Lance McDaniel and starring Chris Kattan.

“By moving back to Oklahoma I truly thought my production make-up life was over. Boy was I wrong!” said Tabb. “Since 2011, I have seen the Oklahoma film industry take off and provide so many opportunities to Oklahomans. In fact, my spouse and two adult children also work in the industry. It’s been a true blessing for my entire family. I am so grateful to work in Oklahoma, and work alongside all the other talented artists in this industry.”

Since moving back, Tabb has worked on 22 films and numerous commercials, some of which have seen Regional Emmys Awards for her work on those respective projects. The majority of her work finds her serving as Department Head of Make-up or Key Make-up, with her most recent work wrapping earlier this summer on the family film “Joey and Ella”.

In addition to make-up and hair, Tabb is the founder of The Tabb Agency, a Talent and Model Agency based in Oklahoma.

For more information and a list of credits, please visit Sharon Tabb’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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