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Featured Location for August 2020: Rollins Creek Old West Town

Located outside of Guthrie, Oklahoma, in an area known as “Cowboy Flats”, Rollins Creek Old West Town is a representation of an 1880’s frontier town that has been used for movies, television commercials, weddings, concerts and other special events. The Old West Town consists of a Boarding House, Madam La Rue’s Social Club, Lucky Lady Saloon, Undertakers, Gunsmith, Marshals Office and Jail, Boot Hill, Hanna’s Mercantile, Paradise Saloon, First National Bank, Laundry, Barber Shop, Farnsworth Freight Office, Mustangs Leather Goods and a Blacksmith. The property’s expansive Paradise Saloon structure is 2200 square feet and has four 8′ x 10′ bedrooms and one 16′ × 10′ bedroom upstairs, two bathrooms with showers, a wood stove, central heat and air, modern kitchen with fridge, dishwasher, microwave and a stove/oven. Most recently, Rollins Creek helped set the scene for the newly released western horror film “The Pale Door”, which filmed in Oklahoma last year utilizing the state’s film rebate program.

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