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Film Artist February 2017, Kyle Roberts

Film Artist for February 2017: Kyle Roberts

Kyle Roberts is an Emmy Award-winning director with over ten years of experience. He currently serves as the owner of Reckless Abandonment Pictures LLC, an independent motion picture company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Roberts worked at for 7 years where he produced a local music show, “Static”. In 2012, Roberts was selected to compete on Syfy’s first season of “Viral Video Showdown”.

Roberts’ directorial feature length film, “The Posthuman Project”, is a coming-of-age teen superhero film that uses superpowers as a metaphor for adolescence. The film racked up 14 awards during its festival run including seven for Best Feature, and Roberts won the Best Director award at Orlando Film Festival. “The Posthuman Project” is available on all major video-on-demand outlets.

“I honestly believe that living in Oklahoma doesn’t mean that you will succeed in what you do, but you have a leg up on the rest of the world from how loving and supportive people are here.”

Roberts specializes in film projects including stop motion animation and music videos. These creative endeavors have millions of views and have been featured by media outlets all over the world including mentions from L.A. Times, USA Today, MTV, VH1, Gizmodo, WIRED Magazine and Mashable. Roberts loves to collaborate with others and develop innovative projects to inspire a new generation. This past year Reckless Abandonment Pictures has worked on commercials for regional clients including Science Museum OK, Myriad Botanical Gardens, Paycom as well as national clients such as DreamWorks.

“Okies are some of the most fantastic, hardest working people on the planet. One of my personal driving goals is to keep showing the world what a bunch of Okies are capable of.”

For more information, please visit Kyle Roberts’ listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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