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Amanda Gonzalez | costumer

Film Artist for March 2019: Amanda Gonzalez

Amanda Gonzalez has been involved in the film industry since 2004, when she landed a job at Steelehouse Productions in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a production coordinator after college graduation. There she learned every aspect of production from budgeting to editing as well as everything in between. In 2011, the desire to be on-set fulltime sent her into the freelance world. Working a variety of crew jobs, Gonzalez tends to work most actively as a script supervisor and wardrobe/costumer. Film credits consist of multiple features and shorts, including “Bomb City”, “In the Rough”, “Boomtown” and “America: Imagine the World Without Her”. Additionally, Gonzalez has worked on a number of commercial projects for the Cancer Treatment Center and the U.S. Army, most recently serving as script supervisor for multiple rounds of commercials for American Energy Providers.

“My favorite thing about working in Oklahoma is just how much the film community is like a family. It’s like a mini-reunion each time I’m on set, catching up with people as we jump into the trenches together,” said Gonzalez. “I also love it when out-of-town crew and above-the-line compliment how professional and talented our Oklahoma crew is. Of course, we know it, but it’s always nice to have outside compliments. There are so many reasons to film in Oklahoma, from the variety in locations to the willingness of local communities to help out productions. I’m excited to see what’s to come!”

Currently she’s building costumes for the stage production of “The Pirates of Penzance” for Cascia Hall in Tulsa.

For more information, please visit Amanda Gonzalez’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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