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Film Artist September 2017 Jocelyn Shegog

Film Artist for September 2017: Jocelyn Shegog

With over 20 years of collective experience in traditional accounting, Jocelyn Shegog quickly found success in the film industry, landing her first production accountant position in 2014 with the film “Coming through the Rye”.

“I will always remember the first job I applied for. The Key Accountant told me I was going to have to move out of Oklahoma if I wanted to get my foot in the door,” said Shegog. “Well, I’m wrapping up being the Key Accountant on ‘Camp Cold Brook’ and have gotten more experience during my few years at it.”

Since 2014, Shegog has expanded her production resumé to include work as an accountant and in other positions with credits including “Josephine” as well as the films “Gosnell”, “Children of the Corn: Runaway” and “Starbright”, which were all produced in Oklahoma utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program. Shegog recently served as key accountant for the horror film “Camp Cold Brook” that wrapped production last month in Oklahoma City.

“I am looking forward to more productions coming to Oklahoma because one of the best things I enjoy from working here are the crew members. When they see me coming, they should know my first question is going to be, ‘Do I have paperwork on you?’”

For more information, please visit Jocelyn Shegog’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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