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Music Artist Sepetmber 2017 Kaitlin Butts

Music Artist for September 2017: Kaitlin Butts

Her self-proclaimed “mess” of curly red hair, and an Oklahoma-sunshine-bright smile capture attention the moment Kaitlin Butts steps on the stage. A declaration that “we’re gonna get to know each other real quick” followed by an ornery grin hints that there are stories to be told. And tell them she does, with a sound that is both fresh and original, and rich in the traditions of country music.

Butts tells stories about love and fun, and the joy of finding contentment exactly where you are. But, as in life, there are other stories to be told as well. She sings these songs with 50 years of heartbreak in her voice, though she is not even half that age. Butts delivery is refreshingly uncontrived, which is a welcome relief for those who crave the honesty and sincerity that seems to be missing from some of today’s country music. Her sometimes colorful banter keeps audiences smiling.

“As a young Oklahoma musician I was helped and encouraged by so many others in the Oklahoma music scene. It is a very unique and special thing we have here. I’m so happy that I have been able to remain a resident of Oklahoma, because my life here truly informs and inspires the songs I write and sing. Many from Oklahoma are representing the music of our state so well locally, nationally, and internationally. I hope that I can do the same.”

For more information and to listen to her music, please visit Kaitlin Butt’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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