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Music Artist February 2019 Bowlsey

Music Artist for February 2019: Bowlsey

Hailing from Oklahoma City, Houston bred rapper and singer duo Cid and Shraz moved to Oklahoma in the 2010’s where they met their neighbor and future collaborator Justin Hogan. They crafted a new folky soulful hip hop sound with vintage theatre organs as their foundation. After the release of 2014’s Decorous, the band rounded out their sound by recruiting controversial social media scoundrel Don Data. In 2015 they released Elder. Exploring more live instrumentation, wider songwriting and touring regionally, the band made its mark on the Oklahoma City music scene.

“The exciting part for me about Bowlsey is that we are constantly evolving ourselves and our sound,” said Rev. Juz10 HoGun of Bowlsey. “Some say it’s a bad thing to change so much in a short amount of time and you should focus on one style but I would disagree. We have stayed true to who we are as artists and individuals even when our instruments or personnel change. Styles and fads come and go, but true artistry can and should be timeless. Plus, the great effect is that our audience gets to be surprised at our next incarnation and wonder what we will do next. The universe is always changing, why shouldn’t we?”

In 2019 the band looks forward to the release of their latest record, broke. Be on the lookout for the bombastic band Bowlsey as their infectious grooves and playful melodies lay waste to your ear drums.

For more information and to listen to their music, please visit Bowlsey’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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