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Featured Location for January 2022

Featured Location for January 2022: 1901 Historic Rodkey House

Built in 1901 by a wealthy town family, the Rodkey House is a 1,400 square foot, two-story home that sits at the edge of a park in Downtown Edmond. A stellar example of Edwardian architectural design, the outside of the pale peach house has been restored and the interior is refurbished for use as a rental facility for special events. The house enters a parlor that has visible doorways into three other rooms. A bathroom and kitchenette have been added to modernize the space, although they are not visible upon entry. The house also has a modern HVAC system, and various ADA requirements, such as an outdoor ramp, which have been added. The floors are original hardwood. A street with parking spaces runs along the front of the property. As there are no permanent furnishings in the house, filmmakers would potentially be able to dress the set as-needed with approval from the Edmond Historical Society, which owns the location, so long as it would not conflict with the integrity of the structure or EHS guidelines.

Many thanks to the Edmond Historical Society for allowing us to share this location on behalf of their recently certified Oklahoma Film Friendly Community.

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