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Featured Location for November 2017: Guthrie

As Oklahoma’s Territorial Capital founded in 1889, the City of Guthrie’s storied history, unique architecture and local hospitality have made it one of the most film-friendly communities in the state. The Guthrie Historic District, recognized for its collection of late 19th century and 20th century commercial architecture, is designated a National Historic Landmark and includes more than 2,000 buildings among its Victorian Era street fronts and historic train depot. Often referred to by industry standards as Oklahoma’s “backlot”, the city has supported a variety of film productions, including recent releases “Christmas in the Heartland” and The Chickasaw Nation’s “Te Ata”.

Tracy Zserdin, Executive Director for the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce, recently joined OF+MO alongside other esteemed city and community leaders for a panel on the impact of filming in Oklahoma communities at the Oklahoma Arts Conference. Of the city’s film-friendly attitude, Zserdin says, “Guthrie has an incredible legacy of film going all the way back to ‘Rain Man’ and ‘Twister’. Our community is so film friendly that our Christmas decorations stayed up until ‘Christmas in the Heartland’ finished filming in April. The last few years we’ve hosted numerous productions, and we look forward to the future of film making in Guthrie and an ever-deepening legacy.”

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